Swimming: Benefits of swimming, exercise in water with ALA

A good practice is to go to the pool with Lifeguard Training Near Me. And strengthens health, and relaxes, and gives a tone of life. 3 beneficial properties in 1 bottle. And most importantly – gather the family going to the pool. Swimming with Lifeguard is beneficial for everyone from young to old and pregnant women and mothers with babies in their arms. So, pool: benefits of swimming, exercise in water and more read below.

Why is swimming useful?

Swimming is a rotten sport. First, the risk of injury is minimal. Secondly, those who have joints, back or excessive weight can also train in the eye; Even those suffering from diseases for which power sports are contra-indicated. After all, in water, the weight of the body decreases tens of times, and a person of average dimensions immersed in water weighs only 2-3 kilograms. This weightlessness allows you to spread the intervertebral discs in the water and relax your spine. This is because a person “grows” by 1-2 centimeters.

In addition, all major muscle groups are involved during travel. Abdominal, arm, shoulder girdle, thighs, buttock muscles are especially active. And swimming also gives flexibility to the joints of the thighs, neck and arms. During swimming, more, but faster breathing, type, work of lungs and heart is intensified. Therefore, this sport is called aerobic, as well as running, jumping, dancing. Aerobic literally translates to “oxygen”. Such exercises improve heart activity and endurance, improve mood, relieve depression and anxiety.

It is important that swimming is the shortest way to burn extra calories. That’s why aqua aerobics became so popular. The load the body receives when exercising in water is less than on land, but the effect is not less. Because it is easier to work in water, it is possible to work more “problematic” zones more thoroughly. Even if it’s easy – a related concept: run in water – it’s not for you to stop running. But as a result, you will get a slim and fit person, elastic skin and cheerful.

It helps in swimming as it lowers the blood pressure, and accordingly, the risk of cardiovascular diseases decreases. Swimming improves heart rate and circulation. Water improves muscle balance, so professional athletes need to spend part of their training in water.


  • To prevent chlorinated water from entering your eyes and causing redness, use swimming goggles;
  • walk around the pool in rubber shoes;
  • Use a shower before and after the pool;
  • You can not swim immediately after eating, it is better to wait an hour.

Pregnancy in the pool

Can a pregnant woman visit the pool? So many doctors, so many opinions. Some people believe that there is no place for some pregnant women. Hundreds of people pass by the pool at least one day – and each has their own germs. And the risk of slipping on wet tile, catching a cold, etc.

Other doctors deeply believe that pregnancy is not a disease and is not a contradiction in itself. And if you dig deep, it turns out that swimming is beneficial for pregnant women. Of course, we are not talking about swimming with lifeguard training near me for a short time and long distances, but we are not talking about special attitude exercises for expectant mothers. It is not for nothing that there have been more than 20 years in the whole world classes in the pool for the preparation of childbirth for pregnant women. During this time, the healing power of the pool, benefits of swimming, exercises in water were thoroughly studied.

Water is good for expectant mothers as it allows them to relax and relieve muscle tension, which is often associated with extra body weight. And physical exercise in water – the best physical preparation for childbirth for those who are not involved in sports. In water, physical load is practically not felt, because the body is in a state of weightlessness, and all movements are smooth.

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