The elements of interior door

The main elements of the interior door are the slab and moldings, including the box, trim, trim, as well as the threshold, sealant and fittings. The canvas is a movable part that closes and opens the opening. Made from MDF, chipboard, solid wood. A combination of array + honeycomb is possible, which gives high sound insulation, environmental friendliness, shape stability when the microclimate changes, in particular, to thermal and moisture fluctuations.

Types of slabs: blind – without transparent inserts; fully or partially glazed; smooth; paneled. Molding informs the integrity of the door and holds it when inserted into the opening.

The composition includes a box, trim, and additional. In addition to the usual moldings, there is a telescopic one – with grooves for expanding the box if it is already a doorway. The box is a static profile made of solid wood or MDF, a canvas is attached to it with hinges. It is formed by two standing and two crossbars. Forms – from a strict rectangle to intricate, intricately figured. There are models with equity cuts for telescopic architraves. The usual width of the box is 70 mm.

Platbands frame the doorway, mask the unaesthetic joints of the slabs and the box. For production, wood or veneered MDF is used. There are overhead or telescopic (L-shaped) models. The first is fixed with glue, screws or bolts. The latter are equipped with wings to fit in the box, with their help you can close the volumetric walls, hide the cracks. Dobor – a plate, identical in color and coating to the main slabs; it builds up a box with a wall that is too wide. Place it close to the box or in a separate groove. The seal improves the acoustic insulation of the room, softens the blows when closing the doors, and cuts off street dust.

Threshold – a wooden bar at the bottom of the doorway; improves sound and heat insulation of the room. Accessories include many necessary and useful items: handles; loops; bolts; safety chains; locks; closers.

Classic fittings – brass; for budget options, steel, zinc and aluminum alloys are used. Types of exterior finishes Laminate is an inexpensive, affordable coating, specially processed paper that imitates the structure of wood. Veneer – thin wood plates; veneered doors are excellent in quality and price, aesthetic and environmentally friendly.

Ecoveneer is an eco-friendly material, a mixture of sawdust with chemical additives.

Ecoveneer, in fact, is a plastic with a wood structure about 0.8 mm thick, applied to the surface with a vacuum press. It does not fade, has good working qualities, is resistant to mechanical stress. Unlike products with natural veneer, eco-veneer doors are cheaper.

PVC coating makes the doors resistant to moisture and protects them from mechanical damage. These are structures of various colors and designs with structures of natural or artificial materials. When choosing a high-quality interior door, evaluate its components correctly and then you will not be disappointed in the purchase!

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