How to fix cracked print on the shirt? (Easy & effective way)

Nothing is better than wearing a shirt with a beautiful pattern printed on it. Unfortunately, you may find that the print on the shirt is damaged after a few washes and we are worried that How to fix cracked print on the shirt

However, there is no need to worry because you can fix the problem quickly.



How to fix cracked print on the shirt (4 easy steps)

It’s possible to fix the cracked print on the shirt by using the iron to heat up the fabric and then pressing it against a baking sheet. This helps to flatten the fabric and smooth out the cracks.

You can also use a different method for printing, such as screen printing, to avoid the iron altogether.


how to fix cracked print on shirt

Step-1: Place your shirt on a hard plane surface

At first, The cracked print shirt is placed on a plane hard. In this case, you can use a hard surface like a table, cardboard, or a piece of wooden board.  Make sure that the surface is flat and smooth. This allows you to get a good grip on the shirt and it can help prevent the shirt from slipping. It is best to hold the shirt by the collar as much as possible. After the shirt has been placed on a hard surface, you should cover the cracked print with a thin plastic bag or a piece of paper. 


Step 2: Put a piece of baking sheet on the shirt

Place the medium-sized baking sheet over the print to cover the entire print—the baking sheet help to protect the iron from melted print after ironing. Press down on the baking sheet with a weight or your hand until the print is flat.

If you haven’t a baking sheet, you can use freezer paper or Teflon to protect the shirt from iron.


Step-3: Use the iron to press the crack

Use the iron to press the cracks and creases of the shirt. You can also use the iron to press the printed area. 

If you want to fix the color problem, you can also use the iron to press it. 

The temperature of the iron should be medium (around 100-150 degrees). After that, you should turn the iron upside down to press the cracked print.




Step-4: Press medium pressure in the cracked area:

When you use the iron in the cracked printed area over the t-shirts you should press medium pressure smoothly again and again over the cracked shirts for 4 to 5 minutes. Then remove a baking sheet or paper from the shirt and you can see how much fixed cracked print from your shirt.

If you see some cracked print remains now you can repeat this process again



Exclusive tips for fixing cracked print on the shirt:


  • Clean the shirt before fixing the crack
  • Always place a piece of paper or thin sheet on the ironing board
  • Never press directly on the ironing board
  • Do not use a hot iron on fabric
  • Always use the press feature
  • Place your iron on low and keep it on top of the baking sheet
  • Remove the baking sheet after a few minutes
  • Put the iron on medium to high heat
  • Use the iron for 4 to 5 minutes
  • Iron the back side of the fabric





Concluding Thoughts:


The first thing you’ll want to do is place your shirt on a hard plane surface, such as a countertop or a tabletop. Then, use a baking sheet to cover the cracked print on the shirt and use an iron to press the cracks down and make it smooth.








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