How to get smoke smell out of house after a fire? Secret Techniques

The fire which is useful for mankind in many ways can be a harsh reality within a moment. Its devasting power can easily destroy your all property or home in front of you. So, how to get smoke out of the house after a fire is a common question if you have ever faced this horrible situation.


The report National Fire Protection Association(NFPA) says that this worst fire accident happens in over 358,000 residential homes annually. It is a great tragedy for the homeowners.

The result of the fire is unbearable. As a result, Your sufferings know no bound. The most common problems you face such as risky smoke levels and odor, hurtful soot pollution, firefighting efforts, and so on.

What should you do or not do?

As you are wondering how you can get rid of it here are some effective steps by which you can do the work fast and safely. The steps are given below.

1. Proper mindset:

Most people become panic after burning. But it is not the time of being panicked after a house fire. You have to think before your leaf. Proper determination, mental preparation, and taking care of your family are the first and foremost duties to get the smoke smell out of your house.

You should never eat any kind of food that has been taken from your burned house. And also never allow your pets to eat that food.

2. Observation

Asking question himself is a proper way to find the quantity of the destruction. Make sure that You have calculated your destruction. If you need a pen or paper then you can take it to note the smoke damage. Analyze every material of the house with observant eyes.

3. Precautions

Taking safety is a must. You have to collect some equipment to protect your skin from the burned house. The types of equipment that would help you most are a mask, goggles, and

long-sleeved cloth. Before entering your house, make sure that you have worn these types of equipment.

How to get smoke smell out of house after a fire? (A proper guide):

1. Open all the windows and doors to air out:

Opening the windows and doors can be the easiest and primary method for removing the smoke smell from your house. Fresh air is very important to remove the smoke smell and to circulate fresh air in the house.

For this method, you have to set a fan to air out the smoke. It would be really helpful if the weather is neither too hot nor too cool. If the weather is not in favor, it can make the smoke odor worse.

2. Separation of Belongings:

There are two kinds of household items you can find in your house. Sometimes few materials are discovered that are still free from fire and odor. You need to remove the house materials by categorizing them into two parts.

Separate both salvageable and unsalvageable materials from your house. Remove and keep them in the fresh air to assist in the removal of the odor.

3. Use an exhaust fan:

Installing an exhaust fan at your front entrance will serve as a ventilation system. To get as much external air into your room as possible, direct the fan toward your inside. Ozone generators are a great technique to get rid of smoke odors in your house.

4. Clean by yourself:

  • It’s too hard to get rid of the smoke smell if you don’t know the right cleaning process. The items that are made of fabric such as blankets, pillows, furniture covers, etc. need to remove outside of your house. Wash them until the smoke properly goes away from the products.
  • You can also remove the smoke smell from your belongings by using the right kinds of implements yourself. This is called DIY cleaning. You need baking soda to sprinkle on all the surfaces to get the smoke smell from the house. Rubbing white vinegar and warm water also clears the bad smell within a short time. You need to clean the interior and exterior parts of your house.
  • Refining the HVAC system:

After burning you can find the smoke particles inside your HVAC system. You have to change the ventilation system to filter out the AC unit. If you are ready to change by yourself, it will save money. But a professional can handle the matter easily. so, Don’t make it late, call a professional.

  1. Repaint the Walls:

Repainting can be the best way to succeed in Your process. Does repainting absorb the odor? You may have a curiosity to know it. Yes, it can absorb if the action can be taken properly. As sometimes cleaning can not remove the smoke odor, repainting is the best option to absorb the odor. So, here are the processes of repainting.

  • Firstly, make sure that you are using substances such as ammonia or glycol to wash the walls.
  • Secondly, Wait for the proper drying of the walls.
  • Thirdly, spray the wall with an odor-blocking primer.
  • Finally, put latex paint over the primer to seal it all together.
  1. Solution of soot problem:

Soot is the combination of small particles of carbon. It is made up of the combustion of fossil fuel. It is a great hindrance to cleaning your house. If you take some steps, it will be helpful to get a good result.

  • You can use a gentle soap or detergent to remove stains off walls, furniture, and floors.
  • Another simple method is to add 4 to 6 teaspoons of tri-sodium phosphate to every gallon of warm water, along with 1 cup of a household cleaner or chlorine bleach.
  • use rubber gloves and rinse surfaces thoroughly with clean warm water before drying.
  1. Take Service from a professional to get a good result:

When do you need a professional or an expert to get rid of the smoke smell? It is a very important fact that you have to know. A large fire is hard to get rid of the odor. All efforts will go in vain unless you take proper measures.

Sometimes, the smoke smell doesn’t go away. Because you can’t do it professionally how a professional worker does. So, it is high time to take help from experts. All problems will go away then. Because they have a great experience over this problem.

If you are not able to get rid of the smoke smell, it is the best option for you. It will be costly for you. Because a large fire is truly hard to remove the smoke smell perfectly. So, Don’t make it late to call an expert.


When you are safe after being fired, it is a great challenge to face the problem. Fire damages your all properties and also damages your mind. So, taking proper steps is the most important and intelligent thing to get back home.

As you are going through pressure, you have to think before your next step. Without taking proper steps you can’t ensure a good result. Don’t make it late. Follow the above steps and remove the fire smoke smell and forget it forever.


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