How to get upvotes on quora in a while?

What is Quora? I like to think of Quora as a social networking site for people who think Facebook is for friends. Twitter for breaking news, while Quora brings together proponents and opponents of every imaginable fact, action, or agenda.

How to get upvotes on quora in a while?

If you’re interested in tracking obscure facts like when heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano died in a plane crash, here’s how. And the model of the plane he died in. Quora may be the networking site for you. If you have a controversial nature and love to discuss the important political and religious issues of the day, buy upvotes may be your networking site. If you consider yourself an expert in any field. or any branch and you want to be known for it, Quora is definitely a place worth visiting.

On the other hand, if none of the above is like you. I would definitely consider spending my time elsewhere. Even the most obscure facts for beginners are discussed on Quora to “discuss” the big questions of the day. It often turns into a bitter argument. For us who have arguments equal to life. This site is nice.

Facebook can be a great place to make friends. But it’s easy to make enemies on Quora. The most innocuous things are often the subject of offensive names, such as the topic of domain names. A subject of special interest to this writer and to very few other writers. Anger often flares up in discussions about “domains”.

A domain registrar only for those interested in domains. A person who registers a large number of domains with the hope of someday selling them for a profit. A “domain troll” is a common term used to refer to them on the site. “Cyber ​​crackers” are a different story. “Cowards” periodically rear their ugly heads. As you can imagine there are two sides to any argument – sorry, talk – and domainers are blatant capitalists who often call their opponents “losers”, “obstacles” and,unfortunately, even “scumbags”.

Another hotly debated point about the definition of the issue is that not all “experts” posted on Quora claim to be experts. But there are so many people who will complain about it on every topic imaginable to give ammunition to any agenda. How do you distinguish a real expert from a wannabe? A great question that doesn’t have a definitive answer on Quora – or anywhere! My favorite answer was posted by a humorous person: An expert is someone who lives 50 miles from home and carries a briefcase. Click here for how to advertise social media marketing.

Please don’t take the slightly disrespectful tone of this article as a reason to stay away from Quora. I just want the reader to know that this is not for everyone.

We all want more traffic, right? Here are some tips on how to use Quora to increase your website traffic. You get quality traffic from people who really need help and are more likely to subscribe to your help.

First let me explain what Quora is, it’s a very popular site just like Yahoo Answers – basically a question and answer site. Anyone with an account can ask or answer questions.

Good answers are voted on and can easily be shared on social media. You will receive useful statistics about your activity. and the number of people who viewed and voted on your answer.

Here are some things you can do to increase traffic there:


You must be a regular contributor to see the results of using this platform. as the source of any movement. You must agree to do so.

Be part of the community and vote for answers that deserve to be upvoted. The more you contribute, the more points you get. You can then use these points to reinforce your answers.

Promote the answer

As I said before you get points for participating in Quora. This is useful when you want to promote your answer to others who are interested in the topic or question.

When you answer the questions and have enough points you will see a message asking if you want to promote your answer. You will see how many people you can promote your answer to.

Promoting your answer is generally a good idea when there are many people contributing to it. This will help clarify your answers and build interest in you.

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