How to make a homemade alpha s3 key? (4 easy step)

The Alpha S3 Hand key is one of the most useful devices that can open all the security products from the Alpha S3 series. Once considered an item with one of the most coveted patents, this handy tool is now available under various labels. But can you make an Alpha S3 Key yourself? The answer is YES, and in this article, we will tell you exactly how to make a homemade Alpha S3 Key.

What security devices does the alpha s3 key unlock?

  • All Alpha S3 Keepers and S3 Savers
  • Alpha 3 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap
  • Alpha 2 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap
  • Alpha 3 Alarm CableLok All sizes of Alpha S3 Bottle-Caps
  • Alpha Anti-Sweep Hook
  • Alpha S3 Eyewear Tag

The secret of alpha s3

Needless to say, this is one of the simplest and most convenient unlocking devices when it comes to the Alpha S3 series. Previously, the design and patents of the alpha s3 handkey were highly guarded and it was an enterprise-level device at the top. As the resale to authorized vendors was restricted, the mainstream sales of alpha s3 multikey continued until the public domain was shared with the main structure and components of the device.

Nowadays the built and structure of the key have been reverse engineered and broken down to figure out how the mechanism works. This has made similar label-free devices to circulate around in the market and anyone can make a homemade Alpha S3 key if the correct instructions are followed. Not too secret anymore, eh?

Things you will need to make the alpha s3 key

How to make a homemade alpha s3 keyNow that you know it is utterly possible to make an alpha s3 handkey of your own, what are the things you will need for the procedure? What advanced tools will you require at your disposal?

Well, there isn’t much and it is quite simple once you look. There are only a few easily acquired tools and stuff you will need to assemble a homemade Alpha S3 Handkey.

Here is the list:

  • 4 pieces of N42 Neodymium Magnet
  • 3cm X 6cm piece of metal (Similar in shape to that of a door latch plate)
  • Electrical Tape (You may choose any color)

How to make a homemade alpha s3 key? – a step-by-step guide


Once you have collected the required items for the key, it’s assembling time. Make sure that the Neodymium magnets are well cut and have a strong pulling force to work with. You should also be able to mark the North and South poles of the magnets if they aren’t already.

Here is how to make a homemade Alpha S3 Key step by step correctly:

Step-1: Identify the North and South Poles of the four magnets.

You may use an easy-to-use magnetic pole detector app available for Android and Apple respectively. There is also a more orthodox way of marking the poles, but the use of applications will be quick and less time-consuming.

Step-2: Place magnet poles on a metal plate

Once you know the poles of all the magnets, it’s time to arrange them properly on the special metal plate that you collected. Place the magnets in the correct order where the like poles sit horizontally next to each other and the unlike poles sit vertically at the top and bottom. Now make sure that there is a 6mm gap in between and also it is best if you can find a metal base that is similar to the shape of a door latch plate. Better yet, get a spare door latch plate to serve your purpose right.

Step-3: Secure the magnets with the base

After you have successfully assembled all four magnets in place and more importantly, in the correct order, it is time to secure the magnets with the base. It is best to use electrical tape to fasten the magnets with the metal base, although you can choose whatever color of tape you would prefer for the process.

Step-4: The fastening part is the one that requires the most attention so as an extra step you should check if the markets are properly fixed in their positions. Cross-check to make sure that all the previous steps have been followed properly and that there is enough gap between the magnets in their fixed positions.

Ready: Voila! And you are done with your homemade Alpha S3 Handkey. As an exceptional tool for unlocking all Alpha S3 products, including the Alpha 3 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap, Alpha S3 Keepers, and S3 Savers, Alpha 3 Alarm CableLok, Alpha S3 Bottle-Caps, Alpha S2 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap, Alpha Anti-Sweep Hook and also the Alpha S3 Eyewear Tag.

Now THAT is surely a handful! Nevertheless, this astoundingly handy piece of device is a real wonder key that will help you solve all annoying problems with unlocking your Alpha products.


How to make a DIY alpha S3 Key using PVC pipe & a lock


I want to show you how I made the DIY alpha s3 key. You can use this as you wish.

In this context, I will show you a simple way to build a DIY S3 key using PVC pipe and a lock.

S3 keys are handy for storing files securely online. However, they are costly. So we decided to create our DIY S3 key instead.

Here’s what we’re going to need to make one of these keys:

* A lock (this one is free)

* 4 PVC pipes

* A drill and a saw (if you don’t have one, you can use a hand saw and sandpaper)

Key Features of homemade alpha s3 handkey:

It’s a custom key that can easily make from cut out of plastic.

You can easily add new keys to the keycaps to increase the number of keycaps.


Steps to Make the DIY Alpha S3 Key:

1: Select the essential type

First, you should select the essential type. For my DIY handkey, I decided “Alpha S3” keycap. You can also use the Cherry MX key types such as Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Green, etc.


2: Order a PCB (Printed Circuit Board)

After you choose the essential type, you will need to order a PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Start by drilling three holes through the PVC pipes using a drill.


3: Cut the PCB

Once you order the PCB, you should wait for the PCB to arrive. You will receive an email notification once it comes. Once the PCB arrives, you should cut the PCB according to your needs. Use the saw to cut two pieces of pipe with a diameter of about 6.5cm.

4: Cut the keycaps

When you receive the PCB, you should cut the keycaps. The picture of the PCB and the keycaps is below.

5: Use PVC glue to connect the pipes.

Once you cut the PCB and keycaps, you need to assemble them. The picture of the assembled PCB is below.

6: Assemble the keycap

Once you assemble the PCB and keycaps, you should place them on your keyboard. The assembled keycap is below.

7: Assemble the DIY alpha s3 key

You can now assemble the keycaps. The picture of the assembled keycap is below.

8: Add the stickers

The picture of the assembled keycap with the sticker is below. Put the lock in place and tighten it so it can’t come off.

9: Test and enjoy!

After you test the DIY alpha s3 key, you can use it as you like. 









Final word:

In the ever-evolving modern world, technology comes up with thousands of new twists, turns, and innovations in our lives. Hence is the evolution of the alpha s3 handkey instructions which once was a mainstream marketed item and now you can make it yourself. That’s how rapidly the tech world is progressing. So, share your thoughts on our stated procedure on how to make a homemade Alpha S3 key, and do let us know if the article was helpful.



Frequently asked questions

  • Can I make an Alpha S3 Hand key at Home?
  • Yes, you can surely make an Alpha S3 Hand key at home. All you need is a few appropriate things and the right instructions to get you started.
  • Is it really possible to open Alpha S3 series products without an Alpha S3 key?
  • Well, you can open it with a key that follows the same mechanism and make one by yourself at home too.
  • Do I need special magnets for making Alpha S3 Handkey?
  • Yes, it is important to get the right magnets that are identical and will serve your purpose properly. Make sure that you get compatible Neodymium magnets that will also fit in with the metal base you choose for your key.


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