How to test for mold in apartment? (4 easy ways)

Molds can be a problem in everyday life as they often cause various health issues, including respiratory problems, nausea, skin rashes, etc. So, it is important to determine if molds are growing in your house or apartment. This article will walk you through different methods about of how to test for mold in apartment.

Molds often start growing if there isn’t an efficient ventilation system or too much moisture in your apartment. Hence, it is important to check out for the presence of molds at least once a year at your apartment.


Step by Step Guide on How to test for mold in apartment

Follow our Step-by-Step Guide to find out if an alarming amount of mold is growing in your apartment.



1. Check visible Signs of Mold.

First and foremost, you must look around the house carefully for visible signs of mold. Focus on places in the apartment where molds are most likely to grow, such as kitchens, washrooms, crawl spaces, and basements. Look for signs of molds or patches around the holds, including the ceilings and walls. These patches are usually black, white, green or brown in color so make sure to look carefully for these.


2. Check Air Quality

The second step is to check the air quality of your apartment. You can do this using a mold test kit or an air quality meter. These kits are usually available in almost all hardware stores; all you need to do is collect a sample of air from your house following the kit’s instructions. Then you may send the sample to a lab to test for molds.


3. Check Air Humidity Levels

You may also check the humidity levels of your apartment as humidity is often responsible for the growth of molds. The humidity levels of your apartment can easily be tested with a humidity meter or hygrometer. These accessories are usually available in hardware stores and are often easy to use.


4. Mold Swap Test Kit

If you want to test for molds in your apartment immediately without sending an air sample to a lab, then a Mold Swap Test Kit is perfect for you. Mold Swap Kits are usually available in hardware stores, and you need to collect a sample of the air before placing it in the test container. Close the lid and shake it until the strip color changes. Match the strip colors with the color chart to test the presence of molds in your apartment.


Final Word:

Testing for molds in your apartment can help you save money and the trouble of facing possible health issues. To keep your house mold-free and healthy, maintaining hygiene is important. Hope you find our step-by-step guide to testing for molds in your apartment helpful. Let us know if you have any queries.




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