Top 5 IFB Washing Machines You Don’t Want To Miss In Diwali 2022

Looking for a washing machine that won’t burn a hole in your pocket yet will work like a new one for years? Well, your wish has come true as IFB has come up with 5 washing machines that you don’t want to miss out on this Diwali. 

IFB is one of the common names when it comes to the manufacturing of microwaves, refrigerators, and washing machines. So if you are looking for an IFB washing machine, then go for it this Diwali, as you can get various offers on IFB washing machines at different online stores. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order the best IFB washing machine for yourself from the Bajaj Mall. 

Top 5 IFB Washing Machines

  • IFB Senator WSS 8014 Washing Machine

Looking for a washing machine that will have all the features yet won’t cost you a fortune? Well, then, IFB Senator WSS 8014 Washing Machine is the one for you. The built-in LED display allows you to operate the machine quite easily. 

This washing machine comes with 1400 rpm spin power, thus ensuring that your clothes get cleaned pretty well. 

Though the machine weighs 8 kg yet, it’s known for its compactness as it can easily fit into small places and still could be easy to operate. The fully automatic front load makes it easier for anyone to load and unload the clothes. 


  • IFB Diva Aqua VSS 6008

Though the name might have the word ‘diva’ in it still won’t be burning a hole in your pocket. This machine is the best buy you could go for this Diwali. Also, you can apply for the IFB washing machine offer to get a maximum discount on your purchase. 

This washing machine has a 3D wash feature that allows the machine to perform 360 degrees of deep cleaning. Also, this washing machine is the one-stop solution for bulk loads and does the work seamlessly. 

Even with the money, you spend on this washing machine, you can use 6 different functionalities. The 800 rpm spin power helps clean your load quite fast and eliminate all stains. 


  • IFB Laundrimagic EXECUTIVE ZXS Washing Machine

Are you keen to spend a hefty amount on a washing machine? If so, then the best IFB washing machine to go for is the IFB Laundrimagic EXECUTIVE ZXS Washing Machine. The features of the machine justify the high cost. 

Unlike other washing machines that wash your clothes, this machine has features like a dryer, steam washer, and heater. So all you must do is put in the dirty pile of clothes, and the machine will bring it out clean and crisp. 

The 1400 rpm spin power ensures that all the clothes are properly washed and cleaned. This washing machine has a 5-star energy rating, so you don’t have to worry about excess energy bills at the end of the month. This 8.5kg beast is worth the amount you spend on it. 


  • IFB TL-REW washing machine

Are you looking for an affordably priced washing machine that helps you with heavy cleaning? Well, you must definitely buy an IFB TL-REW washing machine this Diwali. With the Diwali offers on a washing machine, you can get the washing machine even at a lower price during Diwali. 

Though reasonably priced, this machine comes with 6 different modes. This washing machine is perfect for any type of heavy cleaning, like curtain or bedsheet washing. 

The automatic front load top ensures that you have to do minimal work. This 6.5kg machine is one of the most reliable as well as affordable washing machines manufactured by IFB. 


  • IFB TL RSS Washing Machine

Are you searching for a washing machine that not only has an attractive price but also comes with special features? Well then, look no further, as IFB TL RSS Washing Machine is the one for you. 

Be it 3D cleaning or Aqua Energie; you can get all these features in this 6.5kg beauty. It also offers 6 different washing programs, thus allowing you to choose the one that suits you. This washing machine is one of the most sought-after IFB machines in India. 



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