Steelcase gesture vs Herman miller embody: Which is Better?

Steelcase Gesture vs. Herman Miller Embody? Comparing these two types of chairs is the most challenging task to compare the two most valuable ergonomic office chairs.

This article compares two ergonomic chairs to give an insight into which chair you should choose. The Steelcase Gesture is a customizable office chair that’s one of the most innovative office chairs in recent years. Herman Miller Embody is also designed to provide the ultimate comfort and Support for the modern worker everywhere.

Specifications: Steelcase gesture vs Herman miller embody

Parameter Steelcase Gesture Herman Miller Embody
Back height adjustment  No back-height adjustment Back height adjustable
 Flexibility Less flexible Flexible seat and back allow for movement
Lumbar adjustment height-adjustable lumbar No lumbar adjustment
Back Support The back doesn’t lock upright. Independent back adjustment
Arm pad adjustment Most adjustable arm pivot adjustment No arm pad adjustment
Upholstery options Wide selection of standard upholsteries. Limited upholstery options
Armrest Comfort Less comfortable Super comfortable
 Seat Comfort Good seat comfort Flexible, foam pad adjustable
Pixelated Support system The pixelated Support system is not for everyone The pixelated Support system conforms to your body type
Ergonomic Adjustments Steelcase Gesture qualifies as a loaded ergonomic chair It also has to recline tension adjustment
weight capacity 400 Ib 300 Ib
Scope of Users It fits a wide range of users Now its become popular day by day
Price High price point Low price than Steelcase
Return Policy and Warranty 12 years 12 years


Difference between Steelcase Gesture and Herman Miller Embody:

Steelcase Gesture doesn’t have an armrest, so it’s more of a performance piece. Both gesture designs bring technology and soft materials to the table, but they’re not quite 100% identical.

Steelcase Gesture is a sleek design perfect for high-end office furniture. On the other hand, Herman Miller Embody is a more traditional and popular chair now. It’s ideal for everyday use and can be a great chair for long hours working.

What’s the difference? Herman Miller Embody has a backrest, which gives it more stability when you sit or stand. Steelcase Gesture doesn’t have a backrest, so it can be unstable in your environment. Also, Herman Miller Embody has an armrest, making it easier to get comfortable using it.


The advantages of using Steelcase Gesture over Herman Miller Embody:

  • Depth adjusting seat :

Steelcase gesture vs Herman miller embodySteelcase Gesture seat has been designed to optimize comfort and fit for users of all heights. The center is a fully adjustable chair to provide customized, ergonomic office furniture to each user.

The depth seat adjusts in a 3″ range and can be adjusted using the handle on the office chair’s front. The backrest also has a headrest that can adapt to be comfortable for any user.

This feature ensures that this product will last through many years of use and provide users with a comfortable position throughout the day to prevent strain or pain.

  • Height-Adjustable seat:

The seat height can adjust in a 5-inch range with a curve-shaped recline tension adjustment mechanism which helps operate it in different places and work with various objects.

The seat height of the Steelcase gesture has gone from metal to plastic, from the cumbersome to the convenient, and now the newest design will make your day at the stadium more comfortable than ever!

  • Adjustable lumbar:

The height-adjustable lumbar is designed with a curved shape to increase back Support and adjust to five inches, a convenient addition for your lumbar region.

The lumbar region is an area of the back where the spine curves or flexes from side to side.

The adjustable lumbar is back Support that provides extra lower spinal support. When using this product, the users can easily adjust the height of their lumbar Support to fit their curve. It also comes with an air-ventilated pillow, which helps maintain coolness throughout the day.

steelcase gesture

  • Variable Back Stop:

The variable backstop is designed to help people of all sizes find the most comfortable position in their ergonomic chairs.

The variable backstop makes it easy for customers to adjust the recline angle on their office chairs. It allows them to set the custom position they need with the simple twist of a knob. It helps create a more comfortable working experience and reduces neck pains caused by prolonged periods of sitting.

  • Upper Back Force:

The upper back force adjusts to your weight as you stretch or flex. You can do this by rolling your shoulder blades together and then apart over the lats, known as a clavicular pull-in.

The upper back force decreases the resistance of your trunk; it reduces the amount of effort required for a given motion, which makes for a more relaxing and comfortable experience.

  • Adjustable Arms:

The adjustable arms can adjust 4 ½” overall to support the forearm and properly align your arms, shoulders, and neck. Its ergonomic feature is a thick inset pad that prevents slipping on the bars while you exercise. The foam padding is also breathable, providing extra comfort while working out.

The advantages of using Herman Miller Embody over Steelcase Gesture:

  • Build Quality:

The Herman Miller Embody chair is a high-end, luxury chair that offers high comfort in an elegant chair with the superior build quality.

The Herman Miller Embody is a chair designed to support and comfort you when sitting in front of a computer and typing all day. The back of the chair can be adjusted and reclined with a high weight capacity.

  • Flexible Seat:

One of the most ergonomic features of The Embody is its seat depth. The flexible yet durable center provides comfort and supports, whether relaxing or working on your laptop while traveling.

The Embody’s unique forward seat tilt will make you feel like you’re sitting on top of the world. It is easy to move around and easy to recline and relax in different positions.

To embody seat depth can be used in many different ways. For example, it could be used as a conference room table or an office desk to get work done. The height of this table is also adjustable up to 6 feet to match your workspace.

  • Adjustable lumbar support:

This chair has an armrest adjustable lumbar support ideal for people who like to rest their arms and elbows. It is made from quality foam, so it’s soft to the touch. The armrests are also easily removed, so you can fold them up and store them away when it’s not in use.

The armrests on the chair are very comfortable and have a large surface area. The seat cushions are soft, and the armrests are slick so that when you sit, your arms can easily slide up and down the armrest with ease.

The armrest on this chair is very comfortable to put your arms on! I love sitting in my seat.


  • Backrest

This chair has a nice natural curve in the lower lumbar area for back Support. It is an excellent option for your office.

This model is also tested very well in our office for spinal support. It has a nice natural curve in the lower lumbar area and one armrest to help you work or read.

This model is high-quality PU leather with hard frame edges, providing durability and strength. It can be used by people of all sizes, offering comfort while working or relaxing.

  • Smoothest recline:

A smooth recline means that you’ll always find a suitable position that feels right. You can comfortably sit upright, lie down, or even prop up one arm pivot adjustment while propping the other on something nearby without worrying about falling off or experiencing any physical discomfort from poor positioning.

Reclining ergonomic office chairs are ubiquitous in the world of office design. You can recline when you are working or relaxing, and because of this versatility, it has become a go-to piece of furniture for many.

Unique features of the Steelcase Gesture:

The arm width and seat depth adjustments take everything to the next level. Other features like the 360° swivel and slim arms make this chair a comfortable choice.

This chair has many unique features that take everything to the next level. It can change your life if you are not using one already. The uniqueness of the arm width and seat depth adjustments was helpful for people with different body proportions. It’s also a luxurious and comfortable office chair, taking everything to the next level.

Find the perfect fit in the Steelcase Gesture office chair. The high-quality ergonomic chairs accommodate varying body types and offer a modern look.

Steelcase provides ample opportunities for people to find their perfect fit. It has cockpit setups in one of four positions: traditional, high-backed, low-backed, and backless. The arm width and seat depth adjustments take everything to the next level.

The chair’s design ensures that there is enough space in the seat for both Steelcase gesture arms and legs. The backrest is angled so that your spine remains healthy during long hours seated on it.

The Steelcase Gesture is the best office chair that provides adjustable features to help promote healthy sitting.

One of the essential features of this best office chair is the ribcage extension, which helps increase pressure on the lower back and supports it with a 1-1/2 inch seat cushion.

The Gesture Chair also brings an angled, ergonomically designed seat cushion with a fine-tuning that provides an optimal sitting experience for all body types with seat depth adjustment.

Unique features on the Herman Miller Embody:

The Herman Miller Embody is the perfect choice for people looking for a higher-quality option to traditional furniture they can use at home.

The comfort Herman miller embody showcases its uniqueness outwardly with its unique pixelated back support design with seat depth adjustment.

The Herman Miller Embody chair has adjustable features such as a pixelated back support design and a seat that is shaped to be more rounded.

The Embody chair is the first product to come out of the Herman Miller Aeron Hack Series, that’s created to find new ways to innovate their products and make them more impactful for users.

Herman Miller’s first perfect chair was designed for working with your body, not against it, to make you healthier and more productive in your workday for its adjustable lumbar support.

The Herman Miller Embody is a chair made for people with back problems. It is designed to help users by transforming its back into multiple positions and decreasing the central spine’s load. This design allows users to adjust the chair and the forward seat tilt to meet their needs perfectly.

The Embody is a comfortable chair designed to fit your body exactly. This chair is made from recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly and has a fun and personal style. The ergonomic design makes the Embody an excellent option for workspaces, conference rooms, and even home!

The unique adjustable back of this chair makes it one of the best options on the market. It can accommodate your body in every stage of sitting or standing, so you’ll never fall asleep during an important meeting again!

The Herman Miller Aeron is an ergonomic chair that only uses a single axis for height adjustment, seat depth adjustment, and arm width adjustment.

It allows the back of the chairs to adjust to different positions and adapt to the individual’s preferences.

The Herman Miller Embody chairs are a way of eliminating pain through design. It makes sitting in an office comfortable and enhances workers’ productivity as they can adjust their position without moving to another chair.

Which One is Right for You: Herman Miller Embody vs Steelcase Gesture?

Herman Miller Embody vs Steelcase Gesture When you think of Herman Miller chairs, the first thing that comes to mind is their high-quality office chairs feature.

Steelcase gesture office chairs are a newer product, but it is fully assembled and in great shape. Gesture offers much more comfort because this premium chair had to adjust immediately.

The Steelcase Gesture adjustable Office Chairs was our number one ranked chair for adjustments, scoring 90 out of 100. The Steelcase chair qualifies as a loaded ergonomic chair with checked every adjustment box and arm width adjustment feature. Only the back height adjustment was missing from the Gesture.

When it comes to style, Herman Miller Embody wins. With its sleek and modern design, the Herman Miller Embody chair is a great option for those who want a stylish and comfortable office chair. However, the Steelcase Gesture chair is a more affordable option that is fully assembled and in great shape. It’s also easier to adjust than the Herman Miller Embody chairs, making it an ideal choice for first-time users.

The Herman Miller Embody is a much more expensive option, but it comes fully assembled and in excellent condition. The Steelcase chairs are not as comfortable, and the headrest may not be worth the extra money.


The Embody incorporates a more sophisticated design with soft fabric, comprehensive seat support, and adjustable lumbar support. In contrast, the Steelcase gestures focused on steel construction and the body’s natural curves for a functional design.

The Steelcase Gesture Office Chairs and the Herman Miller Embody are two office chairs designed with ergonomic features. They are meant to compete head-to-head, and Herman Miller Embody wins.

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