Best Vertical Storage Ideas for Increasing Your Kitchen Space

There is never enough storage in your kitchen. You are bound to keep your pots in the open or your counter cluttered. Cooking becomes easy with an organized kitchen space; thus, you need to keep exploring new ideas to make space for the new additions in your kitchen.

The vertical spaces in your kitchen can be used effectively and will make enormous space if you execute them properly. Hiring kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, CA, is a good idea to get customized solutions for your kitchen storage.

13 Best Vertical Storage Ideas for Your Kitchen

Check out these ideas or hire a kitchen remodeling in Carlsbad, CA, to make more space in your kitchen.

Use The Underside of Cabinet Doors

It is a practical idea to make some more space. Install wired shelves on the underside of the cabinet doors and create multiple racks for your spices.

Use The Kitchen Counter to Store Jars

Kitchen counters take up the most space in your kitchen and never store anything. Change it. Install shelves around the table and create lots of space. The space under the breakfast table can also be utilized to place large pots and containers.

Install Hooks

The best thing about hooks is that they can be installed anywhere. You can install vacuum hooks around the cabinets for placing your aprons and cutting boards. You can also hang cups on the hooks and empty the cupboards. You can use the space under the cabinets to install hooks.

Use The Empty Corners

Several corners in the kitchen are of no use. Install a shelf and use it to place things like your recipe books or glassware that you rarely use. You can use those hanging shelves as they are easy to remove whenever you want.

What About a Pegboard

Make good use of an empty wall and hang a pegboard. It is easier to install than shelves, and you can put anything on this board, from small utensils to grocery bags, aprons, pots, canisters, knives, and many other things.

Make Good Use of Space Above Cabinets

The space above the cabinets and cupboards is always a waste. However, you can use them for keeping extras in your kitchen. For example, extra pantry items, canisters seldom used, etc., can be placed here.

Use Your Backsplash Wisely

The backsplash wall need not be empty. You can install small racks for utensils and knives.

Install Pullout Racks

Instead of making cupboards, install pullout racks. They consume lesser space and offer great storage space. You can store all your pantry items here. The best thing about these pullout racks is that they can be installed even in the smallest spaces. For example, under the tables, beside the counters, etc.

Divide Your Cabinets

Cabinets are not useful until they are divided. So, buy intelligent dividers and divide your kitchen cabinets into vertical slots. You can keep crockery, parchment sheets, backing trays, cutting boards, etc., in these spaces.

Use The Space Around Your Kitchen Door

Why leave the door wall alone if you can create space out of it? The space above and beside your kitchen door can be used for keeping stuff. For example, you can make it beautiful by arranging your beautiful crockery in this space, or you can keep your recipe books in here.

Create a Wine Storage

Empty that wine rack and make a vertical one beside the fridge. You can buy a readymade wine rack or make one at home.

Use Industrial Racks to Make More Space 

The industrial racks with wheels can be installed in any available space and hold a great amount of stuff. Use large containers to keep pantry items and use them as a crockery storage unit.

Use Bars and Hooks

Install horizontal bars along the walls and use hooks to hang kitchen utensils. Also, install vertical wired lid racks behind the kitchen door or cabinet doors to keep lids and trays.

Final Words

The kitchen is a space where you work with your heart. A cluttered kitchen is frustrating and arranging things now and then is impossible. These vertical storage ideas will help you organize your small kitchen. Some of the ideas are suitable for every kitchen, while others need to be considered based on your kitchen size and style.

If you find it hard to make space, it’s time to remodel and enhance your kitchen space. First, hire a professional kitchen remodeling service in Carlsbad, CA. They will assess your kitchen, develop probable ideas, and help you optimize your kitchen space. You can also discuss the above ideas with your kitchen remodeling professional, and they can guide you on how your kitchen can accommodate these.

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