The Homeowner’s Roof Inspection A CHECKLIST

In terms of maintaining your house, an inspection of your roof isn’t far behind the cleaning of your septic tank out. The problem is that putting this task away could have equally harmful, though not as severe, consequences.

An annual Roofing Inspection Checklist is required and essential to spot problems early. This will prevent costly repairs down the line and extend the life that your roofing will last, prolonging the time you have before replacing it.

Regular roof inspections will also ensure that your home and everything within the house (including you and your loved ones!) remains protected. There are plenty of reasons to stop the roof inspection at last on your list checklist!

So, without further delay, this is a complete homeowner’s checklist for a roof inspection. Keep it in your pocket and use it yearly to ensure your roof and home are secure and safe.


Before heading out to go outside, look at your walls and ceilings. Are there any dark circles or dark spots? These are water spots and clearly indicate that you’ve got a leak. Inspect your attic for signs of the presence of mold or other dark spots that indicate moisture is entering through the roof decking.

Another sign to watch out for is sagging between the rafters. If you can see the light passing through any area while checking your roof from the inside, you likely have holes in your roof that requires urgent repair. Also, check that your roof’s ventilation is free of dust and debris.

What should you look for:

  • Damage from water -dark circles or dark spots
  • Mold
  • Sagging ceiling/decking in the attic
  • Light entering attic rafters
  • Obstructions in ventilation of the roof



Start by inspecting your roof from below. Go around the house and observe any damages to gutters, eaves, or soffits. Are the rooflines sagging at any point? Are your shingles looking slightly worse for wear? What do you think of moss growth or debris?

What to look out for:

  • Gutters that are missing or bent
  • Soffits and eaves that are damaged
  • Shingles that are flapping and loose or curled are missing, damaged, or broken
  • Sagging roofline
  • Moss
  • A lot of debris

A UP-TOP Perspective

From the top of the roof, it is possible to take an in-depth view of the damage to the shingles and the state of the gutters. Be aware if your gutters are clogged but don’t think they only require a thorough cleaning. Check for any fragments of the shingle or shingle granules in the trenches. This is an indication that your roof could need replacement.

When you’re there, make sure you focus on the roof flashing. This will protect the areas that transition on your roof, such as around skylights, chimneys, and roof valleys, where the roof’s slope is altered. A flashing that isn’t present or damaged could let moisture in under roofing shingles, which can cause decay and structural issues. Not a good idea!

It is also essential to ensure that the seals and rubber around your pipes and the chimney boot’s roof are in excellent shape Look for signs of intrusion by animals, like chewed areas. You should also check your chimney for issues that might prevent it from operating correctly.


Congratulations, you’ve crossed the Asphalt Roofing Shingles off your list of things to do. That’s great! Now what should you do? No matter the impression you may have that you should not simply move on to the next task you have to do, It appears that you could put off the cleaning of your septic tank just some more. You’re welcome.

If your inspection did not pass with flying colors, all you’ll need to do is to fix a few things. Remember, the faster you resolve the issue, the better! Before you do that, determine whether you’re willing and, more importantly, able to tackle repairs yourself.

If you’d like help from a professional and even prefer a professional to conduct the inspection, you can count on WernerRoofing. We’ll visit and assess your roof’s condition for no cost, offer suggestions to maintain or repair it and give you no-cost estimates to get your roof in good shape. Call us today to arrange an inspection or repair or, if necessary, call us at 616-844-5382.

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