Top 21 colors to paint house with green roofs

Top 21 colors to paint house with green roofs

When it comes to exterior painting a house for your green roof, you have to think very carefully about what color to paint house with green roof?

There are many color options for the exterior and interior of a home. We should not think of these versatile color choices for your green roof. They have their advantages and disadvantages. There are various options in selecting colors for green shingles, including white, cream, browns, yellows, grays, and shades with red undertones.

If you have a green roof, use the following colors to select your exterior house painting color.

What color to paint the house with green roofs? (Top 21 color schema)

Many colors have been used on green roof houses. They have a distinct look that can trace back to the color of the metal roof. The best color paints gave below:

 1. Grey: 

Grey is a neutral color with that perfect tone balance to make it an eye-catcher. It can be used in various lighting situations and will have an uplifting effect on the room. A gray also would work, especially with white trim (warm or cool gray depends on the actual roof color).

Green and grey colors can be an excellent combination. A soft background paired with a green shade will add a sense of calmness to any room. Even if your space is dark, pairing these colors with some wood accents will provide a nice contrast which will lend more interest to the area. For an eye exterior look, go with white trim, or opt for dark trim, like dark gray or black for high contrasting color houses with green shingles.


2. White:

A white color home with green is the perfect dramatical match. White will instantly add bold contrast and focus to the content, from deep forest greens to vivid limes. It also works well with bright colors and patterns.

If you are looking to update your existing home decor while maintaining the same fresh and modern feel of your current home, then a colored palette of pure white and greens is an easy shade to work with the perfect look.


3. Beige:

Beige is the neutral paint color that perfectly matches with a green roof and gives a distinctive look. The best part is getting an attractive garden or porch with beige exterior painting colors. If you are looking for a rustic, flowing, and friendly look to your home, you can use this antique color scheme with white trim and black accents.

The beige color scheme gives. And for a modern look, choose cream trim with chrome roofing and white shutters.

A home design project is a great way to showcase the many uses of yellow and green. These unique colors are bright and energetic. The interior of this home has a vibrant palette to work with because of the white paint.


4. Cream:

The color cream can be used to contrast with the green rooftop of the house. This combination of colors looks beautiful with the matching cream trim or green shutters with white trim.

This combination of colors looks beautiful with the matching cream trim or green shutters with white trim. It is a perfect match for any interior design scheme and is an excellent choice for your home.

5. Lavender:

With a combination of gray and green, you can achieve a beautiful contrast, as you can see in this photo of a lavender exterior with green bitumen roofing.

The lavender and green pairing is ideal for a cottage or traditional-style homes and we can use the two colors to create a beautiful contrast.

Lavender is a perfect exterior color for a green roof while the lavender and green color combination goes well together. The lavender (or white) exterior with the green bitumen roofing makes a beautiful contrast when the house is seen in sunlight.



6. Brick:

Most homeowners choose a brick color to get an earthy look for their green. To complement the green roof color, designers have experimented with different types of roofs, including yellow and slate.

The Redbrick house with a green Roofing is a classic example of architecture’s green roofs and red bricks. It has been designed to be functional and functional, but at the same time, it is also a very aesthetically pleasing and residential home.

7. Light Grey:

It is also an excellent neutral color for interior design because it goes well with all shades of gray, including white and black.

The light gray that we will discuss here is a shade that can be used in all kinds of interiors, such as offices, homes, or even hospitals. It can accentuate any type of furniture or decor in any room type, but especially in the living space. This light gray can be paired with shades like white or black to create a harmonious look for your home or office space.

The light gray houses with a green shingles have an ergonomic design that gives a home a sophisticated look. The top and place color combination make it look timeless and classy.


8. Tan:

Tan is a shade that is darker than white, thus blending well with metal and asphalt roofs. It also works well with both tan and light brown roofs.

The versatility of this color in all of its iterations works well for cool, calming tones and works well with a warm and bright color combo.

Tan is a bright shade of color that comes in various shades of yellow and an almost greenish undertone. This color is appropriate for a green shade, especially on the south-facing side. This shade can be used as the base color for any project where the top will receive a lot of sun and heat.


 9. Light Blue:

A combination of the two-color palettes is not at all objectionable. The natural tones of green and Light Blue complement each other, and their combination look great on a variety of surfaces.

I have been using green for my interior design theme in several of my projects. The color is also very soothing, so I used it as the color for more than just the room’s decor. I love how the color matches with wood and create a cozy atmosphere.

Green and pale woods are a perfect match, especially when you mix them. The light, medium tones in shades of sage green will create a softly elegant yet modern-looking room. This combination of is perfect for any season and offers a fresh look for the holidays.

10. wood:

The combination of wood and green for the exterior paint color of a house is nothing else but a replication of nature. Wood color encourages natural beauty, while green color brings out the color in the place.

Even though a rustic, natural look is a traditional color pairing for homes and buildings, it doesn’t have to be. You can incorporate this style into your home or office by using the color scheme of modern light tones in combination with warm off white shade such as browns, grays, and darker shade.

We all love our brown shingles and green roofs. However, they might not look ideal when you look at a picture of them. The rustic nature of the interiors in these structures makes them look outdated and old-fashioned. A simple change of color can keep your home looking trendy and modern.

11. Light salmon:

I love this color combination because it is simple yet sophisticated at the same time. It has a cozy tone that makes my home feel like I’m in a retreat. The combination of deep forest green and muted orange is perfect for those cool fall days with lots of natural light.

Use a dark shade of green and a vivid orange as contrasting colors to add more energy to your space. I used this pairing in my bedroom, adding drama to the room.

It is a solid, bold orange and green pairing. Salmon is a primary color and highlights the qualities of the green and blue house. The green shows off the vital characteristics of orange. In combination with black, this gives it a classy look that is striking but subtle.

12. Brown:

Brown is a classic, natural color that goes well with other earthy tones, including green. If you use brown as exterior house painting, the combination of vintage green roofing with this raw material will work very well for country-style homes.

This is one reason that different shades of brown look great with green shades. Many classic log cabins have rustic and distinctive metallic roofs when you consider them.

This could be reflected in a house with a green metal roof that has the home’s exterior with this latex paint. However, it would be best to choose the appropriate pale shade of brown. A dark, overly dark brown could appear too dark and dull.

13. Light Pink:

You can use a bright color (purple, pink, or red) in the wheel to make this scheme pop out. The combination of green and pink is an accurate statement of design and power, yet it’s not so bold as to be overbearing. It’s suitable for direct eye contact with dramatic qualities that won’t dominate the passenger compartment.

The color combination of green and pink is a great pairing, and this is the first time I’ve seen them paired in this way, which is interesting. The two colors work well together.

The combination of green and pink is a classic color pairing. The blue, purple, and yellow colors are also complementary. From some perspective, the colors off white and black can be considered the same color family as green and pink.

14. Ivory color:

This is the most common colors that goes with a green metal roof. Ivory is similar to white and beige, with a cream undertone that contrasts a green roof. The ivory exterior gives the house a soft look with a green metal roof.

Ivory is very similar to tan and white, with a cream undertone contrasting a green metal roof and the ivory house’s exterior is common earthy colors natural surroundings in most of the cottages.

15. Purple:

Who doesn’t like purple and green? The color combination is beautiful, striking, and still so popular today. The color ideas of purple and green is also a popular choice for living rooms.

Purple and green are perfect complementary colors. They are also pleasing to the eye and smell. So, let’s make it happen! Green and purple living rooms combine to create a beautiful tone of light and bright shade in the room.

The two paint colors, deep purple and dark green, merge beautifully to create the entire interior look.


16. Yellow:

Yellow is the traditional design color of an old-fashioned classic cottage. The color can have many benefits like less maintenance and easier to maintain, and it is ideal for dark green roofs with a great


The term “yellow” is associated with sunshine and warm colors. It is one color that goes well with green, but it is also a popular color in interior design that brings brightness to the home. If you have a dark green roof, yellow will add warmth and life to your space by lightening up the color palette.

A house with a green metal roof can be a great asset to the property value, but it can also be an eyesore when viewed from the street. Using white trim and green shutters on an old yellow color house can make it not only.


17. Honeydew:

Yellow and green are both statement colors on this home, and they manage to work together beautifully.

Grey is a color that can use to add warmth to the room, giving it a more natural feel. Green, blue and yellow is all good grey colors depending on the design.

Honeydew is a versatile color that can pair with many different tones. Honeydew can be paired with white, brown, and grey to create a neutral look. Try adding white or beige to your interior design.

18. Alice blue:

Alice blue is the perfect neutral when combined with a green shade, and it can bring a room to life, especially a vibrant green.

The traditional houses are still there, paired with a metal green roof. The homes are newer and more stylish, but they’re just severely matched with the surrounding landscape. If you want to improve the aesthetics of your neighborhood and get rid of the gray sludge that covers your block, this is one way to go!

One of the most common traits in housing is its color. Each person has their own choice, from the most delicate blue and white to the most rustic green. This post will explore a few popular house colors among homeowners this season.

19. Lavender blush:

The light gray color is one of the most versatile colors because it can mix with any other color, making it very versatile. It can also go with many different tones, making it useful for business and home interiors. It also works well in many different situations, such as when you need to make your home office look elegant and modern at the same time.

The lighter the trim, the softer it will be on the wall. The darker the light shade of gray, the more excellent contrast between trim and wall surface.

Light Gray Paint is an excellent option for residential exterior paint colors. However, the trim color is not as attractive. Nowadays, many people prefer light gray paint because it’s easy to clean and maintain well.

20. Cornsilk:

Yellow is another color that goes well with a green roof. This color works well against the deeper greens and gives your home a beautiful look. If you are looking for an outdoor living space where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the house colors of nature without worrying about your roof, this is an excellent option for you.

Beige is a color that gives a green roof a distinctive look. Many metal green roofs tend to feature cornsilk as their exterior paint color since brown makes a house look dark or drear.

Beige is another neutral paint color that gives a green roof a distinctive look. It’s not too bright and can be blended into almost any design.

21. Light cyan:

The Light cyan house with a metal green roof is an excellent example of what you can create with your imagination and creativity. The cyan will provide a soft/ great look paired with a green metal roof as an exterior paint color.

Light cyan color house perfectly goes with a green roof. It takes the rustic look of the original and adds that extra touch of class. The green color brings out the natural charm of this home and accentuates its modern appeal.


Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color:

It is challenging to pick the right color for your house with a green roof. It is easy to buy a color you like and then wait for it to show up at your home, but beware! Paint swatches are often nothing more than an advertisement of what you can expect from that particular paint. With this article, I’ll be showing you how to have a paint test done on all of

Paint swatches are a great way to select the right paint for your home. But choosing a color that is so close to an existing wall trim color could be a problem. Many paint stores offer swatch recommendations from different manufacturers such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.

Color-combination swatches can help you better understand the paint colors that will work best in your home. It is vital if you want to buy paint for your home and trim colors are not as descriptive as they could be.


The best house paint colors for a green roof are white, cream, browns, yellows, grays, and light shades with red undertones. You can select from various options within these color families to find the ideal color house to complement your green roof.


Are green roofs a good idea?

In winter, green roofs can significantly reduce heat loss through added insulation. However, green roof maintenance is costly, especially during the off-season and when temperatures drop to subzero levels.

Green roofs are a great way to cut energy usage and save money. Compared to traditional roofs, a green roof can help reduce heat and water usage by up to 20%.



What is the most common house color?

Blue-gray is the most popular color for a house exterior painting. This trend became popular in the last decade. Today, designers merge their tones to create a harmonized look.






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