Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive? (Reasons, Average cost & saving way)

Kitchen cabinets are so expensive due to the amount of work and effort that goes into them and the standard of material required to make them.

Kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive and elaborate pieces of furniture. They have the potential to create a wonderful and elegant ambiance in your home but have a high price tag associated with them. Let’s jump straight to why kitchen cabinets are so expensive without wasting any more time. There are multiple reasons why kitchen cabinets are so expensive.  Materials, manufacturing, and labor costs all play a factor.

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensive? (Most common reasons)

When a kitchen needs to be renovated, there are a lot of costs that need to be taken into consideration. Two main factors make them more expensive than traditional furniture: The cost of the materials used in their production and the labor required to assemble them.

1. Expensive materials:

The common kitchen cabinet material makes a dramatic difference in cabinet price. Many materials will be suitable for cabinet making. But the cost and the durability of some of these materials also vary from each other. But the wood materials are exhaustively used in new kitchen cabinets. Most homeowners use solid wood to build kitchen cabinets as it’s durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The kitchen’s appearance is all about the cabinetry material used to build cabinets. The materials used to build stock cabinets can add a touch of elegance and style and make them more durable.

People often don’t think about common kitchen cabinet materials when choosing a cabinet, but there are different options for wood, such as medium-density fiberboard, particleboard, paint, and more. There are also options that people use. The best choice can withstand the different environments of a house.


2. Labor charge:

Labor cost is one of the top costs for installing new kitchen cabinets because it requires skill to install your kitchen cabinet perfectly. Kitchen cabinets are not like other furniture that can simply be purchased, moved into the house, and positioned for this work you need to hire professional cabinet builders who will do all the hard work for you.


If your kitchen cabinets are tiny, you can try it yourself either you will need to budget for a professional to install them. Besides, the skills required to build a wardrobe are not common traits and skills required to create a cabinet.


3. Expensive hardware:

Metal hardware is quite expensive and adds a high cost to build your own kitchen cabinets. It is because it’s more costly to make and install than standard hardware and requires specific installation skills. So, you may want to keep the cost of your new kitchen cabinets under $300 per cabinet.

Metal hardware is one of the most expensive resources for cabinet building. While standard hardware has a life span of several decades, it can become worn, frayed, and rusty over time. It’s more cost-effective to use pre-cut parts that are easily replaceable when necessary and are available in any size or color.


4. Extra functionalities cost:

Modern kitchen cabinets have added features and functionalities that raise the price. People love having more functional kitchen cabinets than traditional ones with a lot of storage space, features, and easy-to-use.

They also want these features like ovens, sinks, soft-close drawers, full-extension slides, etc. to be integrated into their expensive kitchen cabinets. In a kitchen, you can choose between fixed pantries and pull-out drawers. These pull-out drawers are sold with built-in pantries, but you can also install a separate pantry in the cabinet box.


5. Installation costs:

The price of new kitchen cabinets is also increased due to installation costs because you need a professional to ensure everything is set up correctly.

In this first installment of a two-part series, I take an in-depth look at the cost of installing my own cabinets. It is about the installation itself and not about the cost of buying and installing most cabinets.

A kitchen cabinet installer can save a bundle by installing cabinets yourself. You can try out different cabinets before deciding which one is right for your new home or business. And you can get the best price without paying an installation company to do the hard work for you!


6. Design cost:

To understand kitchen cabinet prices, you must know the design’s data and complexity. Here you have to use the data and complexity of designing, like color, material, size, features, etc., to make your designs more appealing.

The kitchen cabinets price includes the cost of materials and the labor and design work. It is why every kitchen cabinet requires a complete design by professional designers.


7. Premium door and drawer:

Kitchen drawers come in a range of styles and sizes. The layout of these drawers depends on the type of kitchen the customer has.

Kitchen cabinets also have drawers, and the designers have made them more organized and efficient. There are many ways to use your kitchen cabinets to store things and make them easier to access.


The average cost of custom-made kitchen cabinets:

The average cost of a new kitchen cabinet is $250 per linear foot. The average price of assembled kitchen cabinets is $270 per linear foot. With the right design and installation, you can reduce your maintenance costs by over $2,000 per year.

It is essential to be aware that stock cabinets are built with a high-quality finish and do not allow for the accumulation of moisture, which can lead to mold growth.



Minimum cost

Maximum cost

Average cost

Material cost (plywood, laminate, MDF) $ 40 $ 100 $ 70
Labor charges (per linear feet) $30 $200 $50
closing hinges, drawers, Glass doors  $ 70 $ 200 $100
Interior hinges, drawer rails $20 $100 $60
Extra functionalities (Soft close hinges, slides)  $ 60 $200 $ 100
handles, pulls, and knobs $30 $100 $50 
Other costs $50 $100 $70 


$ 300 $ 1,000 $500



How much should you budget for a custom kitchen cabinet?

Why are kitchen cabinets so expensiveThe price of the stock cabinet depends on its design. You can choose from a wide range of options, such as wooden or aluminum.

Semi-custom cabinets are a great option if you need something that fits your space without breaking the bank. This article will summarize the pros and cons of different types of furniture you can use to create semi-custom cabinets, such as custom cabinets and mini-cabinets.

The cost of a plant is directly correlated with the size of the space. You are forced to pay more for a giant plant if your room is small. If your area is medium-sized, you can afford larger plants instead of buying cheaper ones.

Custom-made cabinets are perfect for high-end work and will never go out of style. You can choose the solid wood type, finish, hardware, or special features. Custom cabinets are also very affordable.

Cabinet Type

Size (inch)

(height x width x depth)

Cost( per linear foot)

Base cabinets
30″ x 36″ x 25″
$150 – $500
Stock cabinets
60″ x 72 x 32″  $100 – $300
Custom made cabinets
30″ x 36″ x 25″
$150 – $650

Tall Cabinet

80″ x 12″ x 12″
$100 – $300

Wall Cabinet

18″ x 36″ x 12″
$200 – $500


What is the lowest cost of kitchen cabinets?

Very few kitchen cabinets are preassembled, and they can cost as low as $60 per linear foot. Preassembled kitchen remodels will come in handy because they make it easier to install the cabinets without having to do any setup.

Consider a simple example. You want a 30″ wall cabinet with three shelves in a glossy natural maple finish. Here’s where the money will go.

Maple veneer plywood – $40

Curly soft maple hardwood – $40

Interior hinges, drawer rails – $2 to $30

Drawer and door – 100$

OK, that’s only $123 in materials. Now consider that it will take me about 8 hours to build that one kitchen cabinetry from start to finish. Longer if you wanted a base cabinet with dovetailed hardwood drawer boxes.


How much cost for high-end custom cabinets?

High-end custom cabinets are one of the most expensive components of a home. They include careful attention to detail and a high level of craftsmanship. Here is what you would pay for them.

The materials used for wooden cabinets vary greatly depending on what you want them. For example, if you wish for high-end cabinets that will last for years, you will need more expensive materials like solid wood or metal instead of particleboard or plywood.

Many homeowners already have the option of installing custom cabinets; some are even cheaper than the average home improvement project. But there is an affordable way to make your cabinets without losing a lot of cash.


How to Reduce the Cost of Kitchen Cabinets (7 effective ways):

Let’s take a better look at why kitchen cabinets are so expensive. There may be some things you can do to help lower the costs and make them more affordable overall.


1. Choose Affordable Materials:

Choosing affordable materials is the best way to cut the costs of your expensive kitchen cabinets. Wood is an excellent choice for new cabinets as it is easily workable and does not require any maintenance.

A moderate-sized office’s average cost per square foot can range from $30-$100. While the traditional solid wood species such as oak, maple, and hickory may be 500-1000$.

A homeowner should look for the highest quality wood for their home. In addition, solid wood prices vary significantly from one cabinet manufacturer to another. Although many factors determine the price of a particular wood species, you must understand some basic facts about the market before making any purchases.


2. Less Customization:

These customized options can increase your new kitchen cabinets cost.

Kitchen cabinets are an area where many people have tried to make it work for them. One example of this is the customizing of kitchen cabinets. They can be seen as either a way to personalize your home, the perfect space for storage, or a way to create your own cabinet.

People who cook every day are more inclined to buy the countertop, whether because of its cost or taste. The truth is in the middle of each section, you should have some price ranges and a general guideline on how much to spend.

As the economy shrinks and more people are forced to work part-time, many feel like an entire kitchen is too big to cook.


3. Add Fewer Drawers:

Drawers are great for storage, but if you want to reduce cabinet costs, you should avoid more drawers. Opting with fewer drawers in your design could save you several hundred dollars per cabinet. Remember that both drawers and doors are excellent options for your kitchen renovation, but go you can try open shelving cabinets to reduce cost.


4. Don’t add extra functionalities:

Extra functional can make a dramatic difference in your budget. To save money on your new kitchen cabinets, you can avoid a few additional functions like Soft-Close, Drawers, Full-Extension Slides, and glaze. Some options, like lazy Susan’s and cutting boards, can be bought separately, and the cost may increase.


5. Avoid Pull-Outs:

Pull-out can increase your kitchen cabinets’ cost, so try to avoid them if you want to reduce your cabinet cost.

Pull-outs are very expensive. The cost of the cabinet pull-out is the same as the cost of a new cabinet.


6. Budget-Friendly Door Styles:

Door styles will drive your kitchen cabinets’ price up. The cost of a door depends on the style, materials used, and care required. Different types of doors require additional materials or finishes that may be costly. These styles can be expensive and vary dramatically in price, style, and shape. These styles tend to get more expensive as the feature of materials used in this area decrease.

The cost of a door is constantly changing, and you need to select suitable styles for your home. You can save lots of money by looking into existing doors in different sizes and finishes. Door designs like panel doors, insets, and raised panels are almost always more expensive.


 7. Add Open Shelving

Open shelving units are one of the best alternatives to wall cabinets and are the best option for reducing stock cabinet costs. They are an affordable storage solution that is an excellent alternative to traditional cabinet storage. These shelves can be made in any shape and size and can be connected using screws or bolts.

The open shelving system is already gaining popularity. The best way to reduce your door installation cost is by sticking with an inexpensive open-style door. This style can be very economical, so invest in the perfect door for your cabinet.



Let’s find out why kitchen cabinets are so expensive and how you can reduce costs. Factors That Determine the Cost of new kitchen Cabinets If you’ve never updated your kitchen cabinets, you’d be forgiven for thinking it won’t be an expensive venture.

1. Cabinet Size:

The cabinet size is one of the essential factors in determining kitchen cabinet cost. Cabinet size can affect cabinet costs stock cabinet costs are higher than the small cabinet. Cabinet size mostly depends on your kitchen size/

First, we need to understand what a cabinet is and how it differs from a shelf. A shelf is just a flat surface on which you place things. A cabinet is made out of wood or metal and can be used for storing many different items, such as pots and pans, dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, etc.

2. Build Quality:

Building quality is one of the top factors for pricing up any kitchen cabinets. Box construction is the best way to build premium cabinetry.

There are many types of solid wood available for cabinet and woodworking projects. However, certain species can be used for a better-finished product. You want to look at the hardware and finish quality. If you are installing a cabinet against a wall with no furniture, it is important to look at the hardware used. The finish can be poor, but if the cabinet is well made and well fitted, it should not be a problem. The best way to check for the quality build is to get your hands on a product sample.


3. The number of drawers and doors:

Drawer numbers are a vital factor in kitchen cabinet costs. Cabinet prices depend on the type of doors and the number of drawers. All the cabinet types have their benefit and disadvantages.

Drawer numbers can influence cabinet costs. The three-drawer base cabinet with the door and cabinet underneath is about $300 more expensive than a single-drawer base cabinet without doors or drawers. A double door cabinet with a top drawer and glass door costs approximately $1500 less than a simple single draw

4. Hardware Quality:

The hardware quality (like the glides and slides of those rollout shelves) makes a big difference in cost. The quality of the mate is measured by the materials used to make the product. Soft-close door hinges and drawer glides are the most common features in many commercial doors. But today, there are cheap knock-offs of these features: Soft close door hinges and drawer glides are affordable Chinese knock-off products. They are cheap, but not a good product. They are made out of plastic, and they do not last long.

Soft-close door hinges and drawer glides are not just features you can buy from any hardware store. They are made by the same company that makes our doors and drawers.



Kitchen cabinets are expensive. They must be sturdy and durable, so they should last a long time. The materials used in making new kitchen cabinets are just as important as the end product standard: wood, steel, and stainless steel aren’t cheap materials by any means. Keeping your kitchen cabinets clean is essential because bacteria can breed in old, unclean cabinets.

The selection of stock cabinets will affect the cost dramatically. There are various ways to minimize this. One way is to buy customized cabinets provided by professional cabinet companies with expertise in this field. Another way is to find a unique product for sale for pre-made custom cabinet boxes. It can be pretty expensive to buy materials and install them. If you want an affordable cabinet, the best option is to look for an online custom cabinet maker.









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